Mazhar Alanson

Singer, composer, guitarist, songwriter and actor.


 He is known as the vocalist of the group Mazhar-Fuat-Özkan. Full name: Mahmut Mazhar Alanson.Born 13 February 1950, Ankara. He graduated from Ankara State Conservatory High theater department.

His father is Ferruh and his mother is Angel Alanson. The first daughter of the family is Ayla Alanson and the second is Aynur Alanson. Mazhar Alanson was born as the third child of the family. He is married and the father of two children (Eda Alanson, Hilmi Alanson). Wife: only Suden (e. 2003),Hale Alanson (e. 1972–2002)

After attending secondary school at Ankara College, his family moved to Istanbul after his father's death and he completed high school at Istanbul Maarif College. His father was the principal trumpeter in the Symphony Orchestra.Mazhar Alanson entered the Ankara State Conservatory and graduated from the higher Theatre Department and took a position as an actor in the same theatre. Here he played lead roles in the works of many veteran theatre writers.

Mazhar Alanson, who learned to play guitar during his high school years, met Fuat Güner in 1966 and joined the group Kaygısızlar. During these years they interpreted the songs of bands such as The Beatles, Crosby, Still, Nash, and The Rolling Stones, and began writing their own lyrics and music.

Mazhar Alanson won the ‘Songwriter of the Year’ award in 1985 for his mastery of songwriting alongside his compositional talent. In addition, he received many awards both with the MFO and individually.

Alanson, who had studied acting but also set the course for his life in music, rarely acted in motion pictures. Directed by Atıf Yılmaz, "my friend Satan” was his first motion picture, and his portrayal of "Mefisto" was a successful performance. Mazhar Alanson's second motion picture "everything will be so beautiful”, which he starred in years later, set an audience record in Turkey in 1998. Mazhar Alanson, who shares the lead roles with Cem Yilmaz, also signed on to the film's music.

In 2002, he signed to one of the most successful works of the year with his album Sweet Dreams with Turkish Delight. attı.Ve the song burnt on the album fell into tongues.Oh this is me,Episcopate, I Still Have Hope, became the album's other favorite songs.

Mazhar Alanson, who was the symbol of Abi'sloganın hat çıkmam without a hat, later starred in many successful advertising kanpanyalar.

Alanson's song yellow tulips, which appeared on his 2006 album MFÖ nün AGU, marked the year.

Mazhar Alanson, the 'Mazhar' of Mazhar-Fuat-Özkan, said he learned music at the Surgical Journal. "'I went down to our roots with Sufism, "Alanson said," when we look at our past, all the Sultans, all of them are connected to a sect. The cults are now closed. There were foundations. He had a Music Foundation in karagümrük. Ahmet Özhan went and participated in activities there. I learned music from there. I've always fed there. What is the music our grandparents make? I was wondering if. I came down to our own roots with Sufism. I saw what a tune was 300 years ago. But you don't have to go all the way to Central Asia for that."

Major Albums:

• Sweet Dreams With Turkish Delight-2002

• The Bes of MFÖ-1989

• Quak the Rak – 1986

• Well Well Understood – 1985

• All Alone Against Ele Day-1984


• Being Mazhar

Major Songs:

• I Still Have Hope-Sweet Dreams With Turkish Delight • 2002

• Ah Bu Ben - Sweet Dreams With Turkish Delight • 2002

• Yandim-Sweet Dreams With Turkish Delight • 2002


• Best Music (Everything Will Be So Beautiful) / 20.Siyad Turkish Cinema Awards 1998

Starring Serials:

• Ottoman Tokadı (Akşemsettin, 2013)

• Small Accounts (Memduh, 2012)

• Core Family (Sedat Core, 2002)

• Bread boat si (Medet Big Brother, 2002)

• Second Spring (Municipal Officer, 1998)

Films In Which He Starred:

• Soon Enough (Mazhar Alanson, Motion Picture 2014))

• Muro-Nalet Olım Insumdeki Human Sevgiye (2008)

• Porcupine (Reşat Sapmazi 2008)

• Juggler (Sait Afternoon, 2006)

• Everything Will Be Very Beautiful (Nuri Çamlı, 1998)

• My Friend Satan (Conqueror, 1988)

The Series In Which He Performed His Music:

• Small Accounts (2012))

Films In Which He Made His Music:

• Everything Will Be So Beautiful (1998))

• My Friend The Devil (1988))

• Movie Music With The Team:

• Komser Şekspir (Songs, 2000))

MFÖ Music Group

MFÖ, which is the most important and well-established group in Turkey, has become a symbol of pop music history with its albums of lyrics and compositions, concerts in Turkey and abroad and numerous awards and innovations that they have brought to our music world.

The draw started with the meeting of Mazhar Alanson and Fuat Güner in 1966 and continued with the album “TÜRKÜZ TÜRKÜ ÇAĞIRIZ” released by the duo in 1971 and with the participation of Özkan Uğur in the same year, the first foundation of the Association of “MFÖ” for more than 36 years was laid. In the mid-1970s, they performed their first clip work in Turkey with the track” I'M excited so excited“, which they released as” Tip 5 " lisi.

MFÖ made its most notable debut in 1984 with the album “Ele against the day”. It was named Song of the year that year.This, 1985 “well well understood”, 1986 “Quak The Rock”, 1987 “no Problem”, 1989 “Best of MFÖ”, 1990 “they came”, 1992 “Agannaga” and “Dönmem Yolu”, 1995 rock sound weighted " M.V.A.B “was followed by the 2-song maxi single” MFÖ “in 2003 and” Mfö Collection“, which consisted entirely of new tracks,” AGU “in 2006,” and MFÖ " in 2011. In 1985 and 1988, the members of the group successfully represented our country in the Eurovision Song Contest and in their careers, besides their solo album work, they also performed in films, tiyaro, commercials and TV series. Although they did solo work separately, they did not break the band's togetherness and togetherness.

Mfö's new album “Self”, consisting of 12 acoustic songs, was released on May 30, 2017.

Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Prize of 2019

At the Presidential Culture and ART Grand Awards of 2019, it was decided that the award in the field of "music" should be given to Mfö "for their importance to the representation of cultural identity in Turkish pop and rock music and for their stability and success in the music lines they have maintained for over forty years".

MFÖ albums:

• 2011-and MFÖ

• 2006-AGU

• 2003-MFÖ Collection

• 2003-MFÖ

• 1995-M.V.A.B

• 1992-My Way Back

• 1992-Agannaga

• 1990-they came

• 1989 - The Best of MFÖ

• 1987 - No Problem

• 1986-Quack The Rock

• 1985-Alright Alright We Got It

• 1984-Ele Versus Day

• 1971-Türküz Türkü Çağırız

MFÖ popular songs:

• Hand Versus Day

• Through The Roses

• I Don't Know How

• Ali Desidero

• I'm In The Middle

• Our Name Is Sloth

• Okay Okay We Get It

• Pass

• A Lifetime Of Loneliness

• I'd make this work